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Fri debat → IMAX

Jeff 8 år siden

I went to see MI4 on Friday (which you can read more about here: in IMAX as I wanted to see the prologue to TDKR (which you can read about elsewhere). This was my first experience of a feature film in IMAX and I was simply blown away! I went to the BFI IMAX theatre on the South Bank in London, which is the biggest IMAX screen in the UK. Apart from the entrance being underground and the building being round, it’s very much a run of the mill movie theatre on the inside until you see the screen, which, as you’d expect, is massive. They showed some ads on part of the screen, which I assume was equal to a regular cinema screen, then before the main events they have an announcer standing at the front, who very politely tells us that the movie is about to start, but before that there will be some trailers. The doors will be shut and if anyone has to leave the theatre during the presentation, they should make their way to the back of the theatre, where a member of staff will help them. Very fancy! ;o) It really made me feel like I was about to see a “show”. Lights out and we’re introduced to Bane in spectacular fashion. The screen is all you can see and you feel like you’re pulled into the action and that it’s going on all around you. I think I sat there for the first 5 minutes with my mouth open it was just…. amazing! The opening shot of MI4 where you fly over Budapest, you actually feel like you’re in a helicopter over the city. If my seat had vibrated and moved a little, I would have been motion sick ;o)
After the experience I just have to do it again and am already making plans to go see TDKR on its release in the BFI IMAX. I was jealous walking out seeing posters advertising movie marathons for Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. How I’d love to see those trilogies on an IMAX screen!
We really need one of these screens in Copenhagen playing feature films. If you’re a fan of the big screen experience, you cannot fail to love IMAX.

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